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  • AAC blocks, the European building system now available in NZ
  • AAC blocks, the European building system now available in NZ
  • AAC blocks, the European building system now available in NZ

Full consultancy service to ensure you get the best from AAC blocks

Company owner Rolf Matthews arrived in NZ in 2006 and immedaitely saw a need for European style building. With over 25 years building experience Rolf knows how to build houses that last.

Fast, Efficient, Eco-Friendly

AAC blocks are a unique product that requires specialist knowledge to ensure they perfom as expected. Rolf offers a full design consultancy service to builders to ensure the AAC block system is being followed.

Direct form the factory

German Kiwi builder imports Hansa blocks direct from the factory in Germany ensuring only the highest Gernam Quality. Rolf's background allows him to secure premium product at a premium price, passing on the savings to you!

European building sytems now available in NZ

Known for building fine automobiles Europe has given us many quaility products, none finer then AAC blocks from Hansa. The unique Autoclaved aerated concrete block system provides a strong, lightweight building system that is fireproof, rot proof, pest resistant, has impressive soundproof ability, can be engineered to withstand earthquakes AND has a low carbon footprint as well. Possibly the most eco friendly building material in the world when all these benefits are considered!

To fully benefit from all the features AAC blocks offer a sound understanding of the product and system is required. Many builders dont know enough to be able to offer this amazing product to their clients. This is no longer a problem as Rolf can not only supply the product, his building knowledge allows him to provide a full consultancy service from design to installation.

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