German Kiwi Builder.

AAC block specialist. Ph: 021 477 602

What we do

  • We supply AAC blocks driect from Germany. We import direct from Factories and suppliers of AAC block such as Hansa.
  • We provide a full consultancy service to allow all builders to fully utilise the AAC block system.

Why use our AAC Blocks?

  • Energy efficient and Eco friendly with a low carbon footprint.
  • Fire proof, pest proof, rot proof
  • Superior sound proofing qualities.
  • Long lasting 'future proof' homes
  • Passive house

Working with us

  • We work with many other industry professionals such as Designers, Architects, Structual Engineers, Builders and many more.
  • We provide full information required for building consents for our products.
  • We provide a detailed consultancy service to allow any capable builder to use our products efficiently and produce a finished structure up to code.

Professional training

Many builders do not fully understand the AAC block building system. Incorrect installation will cause product failure in a very short time frame. Correctly installed AAC blocks are a long lasting and versitile product with amazing benefits.

With over 25 years building experience Rolf is able to 'talk the talk' and can provide all the information and training your builder needs to be able to be install AAC blocks in accordance with the manafactures reccomendations.

Services provided

  • Support for Designers.
  • Consultancy serice for AAC block products.
  • Structural Engineering.
  • Project management.
  • Full supply of original German building products direct from the importer. AAC wall systems, Adhesives, Tools and more.
  • Professional training for builders.

What are AAC Blocks?

AAC blocks are a European building system that has been around for many years. While relatively new in NZ they have been proven for many years in Germany and many other European countries.

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